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    Welcome to Sadhana Infinity International School (SIIS)! We regard young minds as powerful unfolders of tomorrow’s dreams, yearning to be filled with the colorful knowledge and experiences of the world.


    early years

    Our unique early years program captures the joy of childhood, making learning a magical journey. We focus on nurturing their Read More


    Our globally recognized Cambridge curriculum encourages students to think beyond the local and gain an understanding Read More


    Our CBSE program engages students in a dynamic learning environment, empowering them with essential knowledge and skills.   Read More

    Ignite the spark of curiosity

    Light the torch of curiosity as we lead your young ones on an exploration of their intellectual capacities! SIIS literally and figuratively allows our little learners to ‘get their hands dirty.’ By immersing them in exciting hands-on activities, we help stimulate their sensory perception, allowing them to view learning fewer tasks and more discovery!

    Perform, Connect, and Grow
    At SIIS, we live each day on the stage of learning! Our theme-based assemblies are not just events but vibrant celebrations of inventiveness and expression. Your child doesn’t just get to showcase their talent but also hone their communication and social skills, nurturing their confidence and sense of self.

    Weaving Family into Education
    Who says school life and home life are separate? We welcome parental involvement, as we believe that the warmth and bonding of family can amplify a child’s educational experience. Events like “Grandparents Day,” “Papa is My Rockstar,” and “My Mother is the Best Chef” prove that family and learning go hand in hand at SIIS.

    A New Age Playground
    Get ready to be thrilled by our modern, tech-savvy classrooms that ignite the thirst for knowledge. Beyond the classrooms, discovery and fun intertwine in dedicated play areas, ingenious spaces, and a delightfully charming toddler’s swimming pool. A venture beyond the ordinary awaits your child at SIIS!



    Our Arts program gives wings to creative potential. Through visual and performing arts, students learn to appreciate, invent, express, and understand the world Read More


    The diverse clubs at Sadhana are the hubs where students can follow their interests, discover new talents, refine their skills, and foster lifelong friendships.

    Enrichment programs

    At Sadhana Infinity School, enrichment programs are more than just courses; they’re gateways to empowerment, knowledge, and self-discovery. Read More


    Our Teaching methodology refers to the strategies, techniques, and approaches that educators use to facilitate effective learning in the classroom. It encompasses a range of practices aimed at engaging students, conveying information, and promoting critical thinking and understanding.

    Active Learning: This approach encourages students to actively engage with the material through discussions, problem-solving, group activities, and hands-on projects.

    Experiential Learning: This method emphasizes learning through direct experience, often involving real-world situations or simulations.

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