Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy (Metamorphosis)

As the future demands innovative young minds, fueling entrepreneurial spirit and making the students future ready is the main aim of the program. It instills skills such as self-confidence, resilience, how to sell, problem-solving, creativity, goal setting, empathy, and create more job providers in future than job seekers.

Career Guidance and Workshops

Career guidance will help high school students to fulfill their aspirations by setting up realistic goals and acquiring the knowledge required to make critical decisions related to the choice of subjects in their progressive years, future education, and career options. All the students are encouraged to take various psychometric tests and expose to workshops that will be guiding tools for their future. 

Guided English Reading Program

This program inculcates reading and comprehending skills at an early age with the help of a digital platform. Students can listen to books for modeled fluency, read books for practice and record themselves reading so teachers can monitor the student’s progress. Assignments and quizzes are assigned to analyse students’ reading comprehension. 

Counselling Sessions

We firmly believe that students need in-house support for their emotional, psychological, and varied learning needs. We have a full-time Student Counsellor and Special Educator to help the students succeed academically and socially. These counseling sessions help students understand their learning needs and blocks and facilitate supportive activities to help in addressing behavioral issues. 

Assemblies, Events, and Celebrations

Assemblies, events, and celebrations are part of the general educational function of the school. They provide a unique format for the entire school to come together around shared values, celebrate or mark important occasions or milestones, or appreciate performances and presentations. Students build values through thought-provoking assembly presentations and learn valuable life lessons. 

Students celebrate a wide range of Festivals, World Days, and thematic assemblies spread across the year. Major events like the Investiture ceremony, Graduation Day, Annual Day, and Sports day bring the entire community together to celebrate and recognize the school as well as the students achievements