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At SIIS we understand that we are responsible for our students, academically and beyond. To bring this understanding into effect, our well-trained teachers and staff guide them in various co-curricular activities, preparing them for life beyond the academic walls. These activities are inculcated in the curriculum to ensure their all-round development and to help them understand the importance of physical and mental wellbeing.

Few of the CCA activities organized in the school are -

To convey the message ‘Health is the real wealth’ and to promote the importance of fitness, we organise a ‘Fit India Week’ every academic year wherein we educate the children about the importance of physical exercise, sports and nutrition. As a part of this initiative, we also organize a 12-day fitness challenge aimed at inculcating healthy habits in among the students and their parents.

Taking practical learning to a whole new level, at SIIS, we organise science fair projects in which children are encouraged to understand the ‘HOW’ and ‘WHY’ of the scientific concepts they learn in their classrooms. As a part of the fair, students have created everything ranging from models of the digestive system and food pyramids to the Solar System and types and effects of pollution.

To help the students enhance their vocabulary, improve their spellings and develop the right diction and pronunciation, we regularly conduct ‘Spellathon’. It is inspired by the Spelling Bee format and organised for the students of Grade I-IX

Math Week is an engaging event organised to create the critical thinkers of tomorrow and inspire students to adopt a problem-solving approach in all walks of their lives. In this event, our students get to experience the magic of numbers with a plethora of activities.

One of the main goals of SIIS is to motivate children to become compassionate and empathetic global citizens. With the help of school-organised community service activities such as collecting donations for the needy and visiting old age homes and orphanages, children learn the importance of giving back to society.

Monthly theme-based activities are organised at SIIS to help children focus on personality development. These character-building exercises help in improving the emotional quotient of our children and their overall well-being.

We organise events that make the students understand the importance of adopting eco-friendly and sustainable living practices. For example, on Ganesh Chaturthi, our students create eco-friendly idols of Lord Ganesh. Similarly, to celebrate Green Diwali, we teach them to avoid burning crackers and instead decorate their homes with eco-friendly diyas. We also organise ‘Best out of Waste’ competitions where children are taught the value of resources and encouraged to practice 3 R’s of waste management – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.