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Career Guidance and Workshops


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To empower the students to explore the potential of turning their hobbies into careers, Sadhana Infinity International School, organized a special session on ” Converting Hobbies into Careers” on 11 September 2023. The session was conducted by Mr. Rama Krishna from the Univariety.
The session helped the students evaluate their options for transitioning to a hobby-centric career by identifying and assessing their skills.
Indeed, the session proved to be rewarding in fostering the young minds to pursue their passion in hobbies as a side hustle while making a living.


In the spirit of fostering curiosity and nurturing a deep appreciation for science, today we had with us the young and very inquisitive scientist, Murala Aman Naveen, who joined ISRO at the tender age of 21. He is a present-day contributor in the field of navigation in the ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network, and in a project named Navigation Indian Constellation (NavIC). The session was highly engaging and interactive as our curious young enthusiasts from CAIE, and CBSE got the opportunity to learn various current scientific interventions and processing and also discovered the path that can help them achieve the extraordinary in the field of Astronomy. The lecture proved to be an enlightening journey, filled with insights, discoveries, and a profound exploration of the wonders of science. Not only did Mr. Aman share his vast knowledge but also inspired the students with stories of his own scientific journey, igniting the spark of curiosity in each of them.

Let’s continue to nurture the spirit of interest and exploration in our students, as it is through encounters like these that we inspire the scientists and innovators of tomorrow.

Financial Literacy


An entrepreneurship programs

The “Metamorphosis: Entrepreneurship& *Financial Management Club” is a transformative platform where the students are learnt to make informed financial decisions, analyse risks, through workshops, case studies, and mentorship. They learn about business planning, market research, pitching, and the fundamentals of launching.
As a result, from an ordinary mindset very polished version of gems and diamonds are born through the Metamorphosis.

Sadhana International Infinity School organized a dynamic seminar in collaboration with Univariety in the school campus on 20th December 2023 focusing on career aspirations and academic progress. The event aimed at upcoming careers which are yet to be introduced and the preparedness for the blooming youth.

The valuable insights and guidance undoubtedly enriched and inspired students towards informed career choices, fostering a proactive approach to their academic journey. The school remains committed to nurturing holistic development and providing valuable resources for future success.

Life Skills through Film Pedagogy

School Cinema

Film pedagogy offers a dynamic approach to developing various life skills in an engaging and relatable way.

Analysing characters in some films will help you in decision-making, promote critical thinking, improves communication skills and generates empathy towards the underprivileged. Discussing plot twists can enhance problem-solving skills which can help the students think like scientists or diplomats.

Guided English Reading program

Raz Kids

Sadhana Infinity International School has chosen to embrace the proverb, ” Today a reader, tomorrow a leader,” as they embark on a Reading-Guided Program aimed at enhancing students’ reading habits and fostering a path towards future leadership.

Some of the key techniques which are included in the program are:

Leveled Reading Materials:  School will provide books at various reading levels to match each child’s proficiency, ensuring a balance of challenge and success.

Word Games: Incorporate word games, puzzles, and activities that make learning new words and spelling enjoyable.

Book review: students are asked to write / speak the review of the book they read. In this way, reading, speaking and writing skills of the students can be enhanced to a greater extent.

Reading Buddies: Pair stronger readers with struggling readers, promoting peer support and collaborative learning.

SIIS has intended to tailor these techniques based on individual learning styles and preferences, creating a holistic approach to improve reading skills in children.