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Hallmarks of SIIS curriculum

Hallmarks of SIIS curriculum

Sadhana Infinity International School strives towards building an excellent and cohesive environment for learning and growth by focusing on the following:
At SIIS, we believe in a learning methodology where the student plays an active role rather than the teacher. Our teaching approach prioritizes every student’s interests, their pace of learning and also promotes self-assessment. This enriches the students with lasting knowledge, life skills, and problem-solving abilities.

While education plays a foundational role in the life of any individual, there is a lot more to life than academics. We encourage our students to pursue their passion by giving them a platform that enhances and rewards their interests in arts and athletics.

We have a profound belief in inculcating rich and diverse cultural values in our pupils.

With the help of activities conducted by various clubs, including those that promote sustainable practices, social service, etc., we inspire children to become contributing citizens of our society.

Children can thrive and grow only in a stress-free learning environment. Our carefully chosen teaching staff have extensive experience and take a positive approach with the students. They know how to create a happy, serene environment where learning is not perceived as a burden but as a joyful journey.

Audio-visual tools enhance the learning experience, making it more dynamic. Our classrooms with state-of-the-art audio-visual aids foster interactive learning where students are engaged, stimulated and motivated to learn.

Every child is different and has a unique set of needs. We believe that when it comes to education, one size doesn’t fit all. Thus we work with children and their parents to create Individualised Education Plan (IEP), which is tailor-made to each child’s individual needs while achieving the milestones set by curriculums.

For the betterment of our children to face the future head-on with confidence, we employ an interdisciplinary approach. It focuses on creating responsible global citizens through global awareness, entrepreneurial literacy, and a decided consciousness towards health and the environment.

Over and above the regular classes, we also organize enrichment classes to help students enhance their subject knowledge. Our subject experts support every student and help them attain individual goals as well as grade-level learning milestones.
To add global dynamics into the learning experience for our students, SIIS has registered with British Council’s International Dimension in School (IDS) accreditation framework. IDS provides a rich, intercultural education for children, making them more receptive and empathetic towards the world at large. It also gives them a chance to interact with students from across the globe through exchange programs.