The Leadership Team

"Inspiring Innovation, Cultivating Brilliance: Our School Leadership"


Ms. Prameela Duggineni
Principal CBSE

Ms. Prameela Duggineni is an esteemed leader and academician with a remarkable career spanning over 22 years across various national (ICSC, CBSE) and international boards (CAIE, IB) of education. Her exceptional contributions as principal and vice-principal of renowned schools in Hyderabad have earned her high regard within the education community. Her exposure to the international education system, particularly in Finland, further enhances her value as a member of our leadership team.

Ms. Sarita Kumar - Principal CAIE

Ms. Sarita Kumar is an exceptional educationist with a profound expertise in coordinating the renowned Cambridge curriculum at SIIS. She has over 18 years of extensive experience working with IB and CAIE curricula at reputed schools across hyderabad as a professional IGCSE mentor and in leadership capacities.As the Principal of SIIS, she plays a pivotal role in supervising academic plans, implementing innovative teaching methodologies, and ensuring the achievement of CAIE standards.She is result-oriented, and the accomplishments of her student’s alumni speak eloquently about her compassion towards working with each individual.