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Middle and Senior

Middle (Grade 6 to 8)

Middle school is a crucial phase that is responsible for inculcating strong study habits and embracing learning. At SIIS, we have created a curriculum

that positively impacts your child's attitude towards school and learning.
The co-scholastic activities provide an opportunity for students to sharpen their communication skills, master self-motivation, inculcate moral values,

and build decision-making abilities to independently understand what is right and wrong for them from a young age.
For our children studying in middle school, we also organize the following unique activities:
 A JAM session is a stimulating activity wherein each student is asked to deliver a one-minute impromptu speech on a topic given to him/her. This session sparks their creativity, augments their language skills, and improves self-confidence.
we invite expert guests to share their knowledge with our children regularly. They speak with the children about various topics that are the need of the hour, right from the importance of good health to global warming and climate change.
We organize multiple student-led conferences that instill the importance of civilized discussions on different topics. The children are encouraged to find facts and information about their chosen topics and present them at conferences, post which a conclusion is drawn
Reiterating the importance of practical learning experiences, theme-based learning activities help students in creating a deeper and clearer understanding of various academic and non-academic topics.
We encourage students to help us incorporate more innovative and eco-friendly practices in our day-to-day management. This also instills the importance of sustainable development in their young minds.