Ms. Poonam Jha, Principal

Ms. Poonam Jha has been an active educator for over 30 years and has served as a Head of the school in reputed organizations in New Delhi and Abu Dhabi for 20 years. A broad-minded and liberal person, she believes that education goes way beyond academics and that a child should be nurtured in every domain – physical, moral, and social. Her meticulousness, magnanimity, foresightedness, and passion for learning have enabled her to be an exemplary leader.

Ms. Prameela Duggineni, Academic Head

Ms. Prameela Duggineni is a highly qualified leader and academician, with over 22 years of extensive experience across national (ICSC, CBSE) and international boards (CAIE, IB) of education. All her previous engagements, including principalship and vice-principalship of various schools in Hyderabad have been highly regarded and her exposure to the international education system (Finland) makes her a highly valued member of our leadership team.

Ms. Sarita Kumar, Head Mistress

Ms. Sarita Kumar is responsible for coordinating the Cambridge curriculum at SIIS. She has been a trained Cambridge IGCSE mentor for more than 15 years. As a trained Cambridge facilitator, she supports SIIS in following the curriculum framework guidelines. Her extensive leadership background as a vice-principal and a continued emphasis on instilling the right life skills in students plays a vital role in ensuring a brighter academic future for the students of SIIS.