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Ms. Sarita Kumar, Headmistress – Cambridge



a trained Cambridge IGCSE mentor for more than 15 years


+91 95424 87666

Ms. Sarita Kumar is responsible for coordinating the Cambridge curriculum at SIIS. She has been a trained Cambridge IGCSE mentor for more than 15 years.

Her extensive leadership background as a vice-principal and a continued emphasis on instilling the right life skills in students plays a vital role in ensuring a brighter academic future for the students of SIIS.

“The role of schools is evolving continuously. It has moved away from its only goal of producing the academically efficient to rather a comprehensive objective of empowering students to stay motivated and receptive lifelong. This new focus is amazingly welcomed as it builds critical thinkers, lifelong learners and adults who generously contribute to the ever-changing global society.

Every child has the potential, the question here is when it shows, and which field does it suit or comply with. The role of a teacher gets important here as an inevitable force that identifies and encourages the potential of students. We believe in creating an atmosphere where the talents, skills and abilities of each student are identified, nurtured, and encouraged so that he or she is capable of setting goals for himself or herself and achieving them effortlessly.

As a Cambridge School, we also aim at producing: mastery in communication skills, coherence and independence in thoughts, an appreciation of scientific, economic and political ideas, and practising physical and mental health and hygiene with ethical and cultural values.

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