Our Community Voices

“Harmony in Diversity, Strength in Voices: Where Every Voice Shapes a Global Community.”

What makes Sadhana Infinity School special is its vibrant community. Our students, parents, teachers – everyone contributes to this enriching educational journey. Find out more as their voices echo the impact of our distinct learning experience.

At the heart of Sadhana Infinity School beats a vibrant tapestry of voices that collectively shape our educational landscape. It’s not just the students, parents, and teachers; it’s the harmonious symphony created by their shared enthusiasm, dedication, and support that defines our exceptional educational journey.

The synergy among our diverse community members fosters an environment where every voice matters. Students flourish in an atmosphere that encourages them to express their thoughts, explore their passions, and embrace their individuality. Parents actively engage, partnering with us to nurture a learning environment that extends beyond the classroom.

Grade 10th (2022- 23)

Science Fair Parents Feedback 

Sadhana Infinity International School came alive with vibrant energy as our dynamic and curious students took center stage, showcasing their ingenious ideas and meticulously crafted models at the highly anticipated Science Fair held on November 4, 2023.

This year’s fair stood out as a unique fusion of educational exhibits and captivating games, all revolving around the intriguing realm of science. The day unfolded with an array of exhibits that mesmerized visitors – intricate models of the solar system suspended in mid-air, miniature robots performing an eloquent dance, live demonstrations of chemical reactions, the wonders of life forms showcased in the realm of biology, and the enchanting magic of physics. Adding an artistic touch to the event, our young artists unveiled a mesmerizing world of creativity and expression.

Beyond being an educational spectacle, the fair served as a testament to the boundless potential inherent in our students. Participants and attendees alike were left in awe of the power of science and the sheer joy of learning. The Science Fair at Sadhana Infinity International School was not just an event; it was an exploration, a celebration of curiosity, innovation, and the indomitable spirit of our students. In the end, the fair left everyone inspired and eager for more, reinforcing the school’s commitment to nurturing a passion for science and discovery among its vibrant student community.