School Leadership

“Nurturing Leadership Excellence, Cultivating Global Visionaries – Where Tomorrow’s Leaders Begin Today.”

Ms. Prameela Duggineni Principal CBSE

Ms. Prameela Duggineni is an esteemed leader and academician with a remarkable career spanning over 22 years across various national (ICSC, CBSE) and international boards (CAIE, IB) of education. Her exceptional contributions as principal and vice-principal of renowned schools in Hyderabad have earned her high regard within the education community. Her exposure to the international education system, particularly in Finland, further enhances her value as a member of our leadership team.

Having started as a dedicated teacher across multiple boards such as SSC, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and IB, Ms. Duggineni transitioned into administrative roles, including Vice Principal and Academic Head.Ms. Duggineni’s commitment to continuous professional development is evident through her enrollment in various diplomas, such as the Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership (CICEL) and the Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) offered by Cambridge. Recently, she achieved another milestone by completing the prestigious course ‘Leading Change’ from the renowned Harvard Business School.

Her quest for excellence extends beyond borders, as evidenced by her participation in the Indo-German Youth exchange program as a project coordinator during her visit to Germany in 2011. Moreover, her visit to Finland in 2017 to explore their education system has significantly influenced her approach to the teaching-learning process.
Ms. Prameela Duggineni’s unwavering dedication to education, her leadership skills, and her global exposure make her an invaluable asset to our institution, as she continues to shape a transformative and nurturing learning environment for students’ growth and success.

Ms. Sarita Kumar – Principal CAIE

Ms. Sarita Kumar is an exceptional educationist with a profound expertise in coordinating the renowned Cambridge curriculum at SIIS. She has over 18 years of extensive experience working with IB and CAIE curricula at reputed schools across hyderabad as a professional IGCSE mentor and in leadership capacities.As the Principal of SIIS, she plays a pivotal role in supervising academic plans, implementing innovative teaching methodologies, and ensuring the achievement of CAIE standards.She is result-oriented, and the accomplishments of her student’s alumni speak eloquently about her compassion towards working with each individual.

In her pursuit to empower students to stay motivated and receptive lifelong, she closely works with her team for execution of Cambridge Framework and guidelines at SIIS. She focuses on application-based learning with SMART goals, effective execution planning, and standard-based assessments. She firmly believes in the never-ending process of evolution and thus acquaints her facilitators and teachers with the new-age teaching learning procedures by keeping them informed of the latest inventories in the field of education through various assimilated workshops, seminars, and webinars.

Her incessant passion towards the art of teaching has been celebrated with many prominent accolades in her professional life and has made her who she is today, a replica of determination, diligence and perseverance. But what she truly takes pride in is her indelible effort towards creating a recognizable impact on every students’ minds and lives to create a better future!

At the helm of Sadhana Infinity School stands a formidable leadership team whose unwavering commitment and passion for education serve as the cornerstone of our institution’s success. Their collective expertise, coupled with a profound understanding of educational dynamics, guides our school’s journey towards excellence.

Overflowing with passion and fortified by years of experience, our leaders are more than administrators; they are mentors, advocates, and champions of student success. Their visionary guidance empowers our faculty to innovate, collaborate, and create transformative learning experiences that transcend conventional boundaries.

Their commitment to nurturing a culture of inclusion and empowerment ensures that every student feels valued, heard, and motivated to reach their full potential. They tirelessly work to create an environment where diversity is celebrated, ideas are encouraged, and talents are nurtured.

Their tireless dedication to shaping young minds extends far beyond the academic realm. They instill in students the values of integrity, resilience, and empathy, preparing them not just for academic success but also to become responsible global citizens capable of navigating the complexities of our interconnected world.

Under their leadership, Sadhana Infinity School continues to flourish as a beacon of educational excellence, inspiring generations of students to dream big, persevere, and make meaningful contributions to society. Their unwavering commitment to fostering a transformative learning environment is the driving force behind our collective pursuit of educational brilliance.