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Senior and Senior Secondary ( Grade 9 To 12)

Our curriculum for the senior secondary years is more academic-oriented to prepare students for the educational journey awaiting them. We have designed our Senior Secondary Education program according to the needs, interests, and aptitude of our students. We comprehensively analyze their core abilities and prepare them to take the path of their career interest. We at SIIS acknowledge the importance of this stage and how it represents the gateway to students’ successful professional life. Therefore, we provide personal attention, one-to-one interaction, weekly academic performance reviews, and academic support classes that help them to reach their fullest potential. We offer- SCIENCE, COMMERCE and HUMANITIES streams
To ensure their all-around development, we also encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities, community service initiatives, clubs and outbound activities that create the global awareness required to make a difference in the real world.
We understand that this is also the time in every student’s life when they are expected to choose a field for higher education and subsequently a career option. Our expert counselors assist the children in finding their true calling, through well-structured career counseling sessions. During these sessions, our professional team offers necessary guidance and direction for children to transition into the next stage of their life. The children are made aware of where their likes and dislikes with the help of carefully designed personality and aptitude tests, which will further help them realize their line of interest. They are also made to understand the various career opportunities and possibilities that are available for their skill-set and interests.

Senior Secondary Stream options

                Mandatory             –       English core

                 Subject –  1             –       Mathematics

                 Subject –  2            –        Chemistry

                 Subject –  3            –        Physics

                 Subject – 4            –        Choose one subject from Computer Science/ Physical Education/

                                                            Painting/ Economics/ Entreprenuership/ Psychology

                  Mandatory        –    English core

                  Subject -1          –     Mathematics

                  Subject – 2        –    Accountancy

                  Subject – 3        –    Economics

                  Subject – 4        –    Choose one subject from Entreprenuership / Physical Education/

                                                     Painting/ Psychology / Informatics practices

                  Mandotory       –         English core

                  Subject – 1        –         History

                  Subject -2           –       Political science

                  Subject – 3         –       Economics

                  Subject -4         —       Choose one subject from Entreprenuership / Physical Education/

                                                         Painting/ Psychology / Informatics practices/ Legal Studies

                 Mandatory         –        English core

                 Subject -1           –        Biology

                 Subject – 2         –        Chemistry

                 Subject – 3         –       Physics

                 Subject – 4         –        Choose one subject from Mathematics / Physical Education/

                                                        Painting/ Psychology