Cambridge – Sadhana Infinity International School: Your Beacon of Enlightened Learning

Explore an engaging academic journey that empowers learners with resilience, innovation, and strong academic foundations. Our Cambridge affiliation (CENTRE NO – IA106), situated in the enchanting surroundings of Tellapur, promises a unique educational experience tailored to guide students toward a path of success.

A Step Ahead With Cambridge International

Our school takes pride in implementing the rigorous Cambridge International curriculum, designed by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Beyond delivering knowledge, our teaching methodology strengthens learners’ thinking capabilities and encourages exploration through hands-on activities.

CAIE’s curriculum is fixed on developing core competencies in English, Mathematics, and Science, along with rewarding global perspectives. From acquiring comprehensive language skills in Hindi and French to honing abilities in Computing, Physical Education, and Performing Arts – we promise a holistic learning experience that equips our scholars for new-age professions.

The Cambridge Pathway: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Cambridge Pathway approach is seamlessly incorporated into our educational ethos, carving a distinctive path for constant academic excellence. From the early years through adolescence, we ensure every student embarks on a learning journey that nurtures individual potential and aspiration.

Experience Our Mastery Through Results

Our Primary Checkpoint Results from 2023 bear testimony to our unparalleled quality of education. Our profound commitment to educational superiority has consistently resulted in triumphant achievements over the years.

Start Your Journey With Sadhana Infinity International School

Take the first step of an exciting educational expedition with us. Explore our gallery showcasing vibrant moments from our institution, or reach out to us on our Contact Us page.