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Deepak AD

“Just one word- awesome. The way they started school just matching the standard. The faculty and the staff are dignified and very comfortable with parents. My family is very happy about my child’s studies and future in Sadhana. The way they are organizing the studies and cultural activities is just making my child better and better day by day. Now Sadhana is a part of my family. We love Sadhana!”.

Sandhya Karanam

“With so many options on hand, and after many discussions, we finally decided on Sadhana Infinity School for my 5-year-old son. Now it has been almost 6 months and I must say that I see a lot of improvement in terms of learning. In addition to studies, they pay attention to sports as well. Recently for the SFA championship, both the PET trainers have taken a lot of interest personally towards the children who were participating. Hope the same continues and wish you all the best Sadhana.”

Kishore Babu Kavuru

“My daughters’ journey with Sadhana has been of a top-notch experience. The curriculum, the teaching ideology and the teacher’s effort have been helped in holistic growth. The teaching methods have been outstanding as they consisted of developing the child’s skill on multiple fronts. There were multiple opportunities provided, events organized where children display and discover their potential. The interaction with the teacher has been an active one. I’m sure that my child is in the right hands, and I really feel blessed for choosing Sadhana for my child.”

Nishtha Pandey

M/O Yaachit Pathak,Grade 3A,CAIE

“I feel delighted to share my journey of association with SIIS. My son has experienced multifaceted development over these years. The online classes have confirmed my belief that he owes his marvellous transformation to his teachers. I am amazed by the love, passion and patience with which the teachers of SIIS teach. The kids are guided with immense care and strongly motivated to excel in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities too. The Cambridge curriculum has further involved them in multiple skill-based activities; events like story and poem writing competitions, poem recitations, explaining concepts of Science and Maths with tools and aids have helped my son evolve as a confident writer and speaker; the list continues. During the recent session with international students from South Korea, he insisted on writing his script himself, and I feel proud to acknowledge that he did reasonably well. Their day-to-day classes are designed in a thoughtful manner with the perfect balance of mental and physical activities like chess and karate. It shows the sensitive nature of academicians at SIIS and how much they value the mental and physical well-being of their students. Their zeal is not let down by the ongoing pandemic either. As a satisfied and content mother, I would conclude by saying that my son has acquired qualities that were beyond my expectations.”


M/O Vishnuvardhan S, Grade 2 ,CAIE

“Our Child is new to Sadhana Infinity International School. Being a parent, I was really worried if he would get along with his new classmates and get used to the new school. To add to our worries, the pandemic made us more apprehensive about the online classes. But the very first online meeting with the Head Mistress and the faculty made us feel good about the system. After the classes began, we started liking everything about the school- the standards, transparency, and the academic plan. I would like to mention specially about Grade 2 teachers, who made my son feel very comfortable from Day 1. He never felt he was a new student in the class. As the classes are conducted online, we got to witness how much effort teachers are putting to make students understand the concepts. The teaching methodologies are very impressive. All the events are well-planned and organized. The coordination amongst the teachers is commendable. We are looking forward for the pandemic to end and the school to reopen soon so that our child can get the best.”

Mr. Kavinder & Ms. Suman.

Parents of Maahira Thakur, Grade 2 CAIE

“Words cannot express how thankful we are to the school for the way they have handled their first Cambridge session. As parents, we were a bit cautious shifting our daughter from a CBSE to Cambridge curriculum as this was the first Cambridge session for SIIS and then Covid-19 happened to the world. I was not very optimistic that the kids will get a true flavour of Cambridge education in their first session but I was proved so wrong by the way teachers and school management had handled the situation. While the other schools were figuring out how to manage the situation, you were on top of the things to make yourself and the kids comfortable with the new ‘Virtual Normal’. Not only your efforts with kids but I really commend your efforts to work with parents to make them aware of the way forward with the session, regular emails, regular circulars, regular follow-up, etc. Highly organized & disciplined teaching staff with a high level of professionalism. The most important thing in this challenging time (& in general as well) is ‘communication’ and you guys have mastered this in my opinion. As a parent, I never felt disconnected with what you are doing and what you are planning to do and where can I reach if I have any questions or need any clarification. Kudos to your team for this. You should all really feel proud of the work that you do every day at SIIS for the kids; it is truly a special school, and we feel lucky that our kids are associated with this school.”