Why Choose SIIS?

Life skills and value-oriented education

At SIIS, we impart knowledge through a sound academic framework in a conducive environment that makes children socially and environmentally responsible. Our aim is not just to produce literates who can have a secured financial life, but to also train them with important life skills that are required in this fast-paced world.

Our core focus is on integrating scholastic and co-scholastic curriculum with an ethical dimension that helps children navigate the future. We believe that strong values and important life skills are an integral part of the foundation that prepares children to evolve with the ever-changing needs of the future. At SIIS, value-oriented education is seamlessly weaved into classroom sessions, various collaborative activities, assemblies and other performance-based events to ensure holistic development.

During various classes, debates and discussions at school we emphasize on following skills

Learning Skills ​

1. Creativity – we encourage children to use their imagination and think out of the box.

2. Critical thinking and problem solving – we train children in developing analytical thinking to form sound judgements and to always look for innovative solutions for everyday problems.

3. Collaborative learning – it is teamwork that makes the dream work. We nurture collaborative learning through various group activities that help them understand the importance of working in teams.

Life and Career Skills

1. Leadership and Responsibility – we teach children to be accountable for their actions thereby creating responsible leaders of tomorrow.

2. Social and cross-culture skills – there’s a whole new world beyond the four walls of the classrooms, and it is our constant endeavour to prepare children for potential cross-cultural interactions in the future.

Interdisciplinary approach

1. Global Awareness – it is our mission to create responsible global citizens who are aware of the role that they are required to play on a global platform.

2. Entrepreneurship literacy – we train our children in developing an attitude that enables them to grab entrepreneurial opportunities when they present themselves in the future.

3. Health and Environment Consciousness – environmental conservation is not limited to celebrating Environment Day each year. It is an inseparable part of our curriculum wherein we teach our children the importance of always being mindful of what they are putting out in the world.

Individualised education plan

We at SIIS adhere to the “No child left behind policy”, and devise a specialized action plan based on the needs of each student. The school also organizes support and subject enrichment classes to make sure that all the needs of the student are attended to. These classes help students achieve their individual goals while also meeting the grade-level expectations in both academic and non-academic areas. Our subject expert faculties coach, monitor, guide, support and inspire students to give their best.

1. Support Classes – After a thorough evaluation of individual student’s performance, support classes are tailor-made to help students match the grade-level learning objectives.

2. Subject Enrichment Classes – These classes enhance and enrich the subject knowledge of the student. Enrichment classes are taken place in numerous forms and do not necessarily involve prescribed lessons from the curriculum. So that the students connect to the subject in more meaningful or rewarding facet of real world.

Futuristic Infrastructure

Sadhana Infinity International School’s expansive campus with futuristic infrastructure takes learning one step ahead. Our state-of-the-art classrooms and co-curricular spaces provide a top-notch learning experience for the students.

Digital Classrooms

All classrooms have projectors for interactive and enthusiastic learning. dapibus leo.

Temperature-regulated environment

Our air-conditioned classrooms ensure zero-hindrance learning.

Aesthetic Student-Friendly interiors

All classrooms have projectors for interactive and enthusiastic learning. dapibus leo.

Dance Rooms

We have state-of-the-art dance rooms for Western and Indian classical dance.

Music Studio​

The school has soundproof music studios where the students have access to several musical instruments like drums, guitar & keyboard.


Our in-school cafeteria provides hygienically prepared breakfast, lunch and evening snacks that are in line with the recommendations of our school’s nutritionist.

Indoor and Outdoor sports

Our campus has dedicated sports arenas including Skating Rink, Football Field, Synthetic Basketball Court, Cricket Pitches, Athletic Track, Lawn Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Two Swimming Pools, Carroms, Chess, Martial Arts and Table Tennis.

State-of-the-art transportation facilities

Our school buses offer a comfortable and hassle-free commute for our children. They are equipped with a best-in-class GPS integration, enabling live-tracking facilities for parents. Students are also assisted by female attendants to ensure the utmost safety during their travel.

Learning Spaces

Well-equipped and state-of-the-art Information and Computer Technology Lab, Math Lab and Science Lab foster practical knowledge that complements theoretical classroom learning.

Scholastic and Co-Scholastic activities

SIIS believes in striking a perfect balance between scholastic and co-scholastic activities and our co-scholastic department includes activities such as


We believe that sports play a much larger role in developing team spirit and sportsmanship. It also enables exploring and augmenting a child’s latent talent. ​

Performing Arts

Training in Performing Arts adds wings to their creativity and develops their cognitive, motor, and social skills. At SIIS, students can explore endless possibilities of exposure through various art forms. ​


We believe in inculcating rich cultural and moral values among students. And for that, the school organizes many activities through different clubs that students can be a part of.

Experienced Staff

All the facilitators at SIIS have been appointed with great care and they bring with them years of experience in their respective fields. We understand that faculty plays a crucial role in the intellectual, physical, and emotional development of our students. We ensure that our teaching faculty and school staff are provided adequate training and support to bridge the gap between formal education and innovative approach.

At SIIS, we promote a culture of teamwork and coherent coordination among the faculty members. We organize regular faculty development programs conducted by internal and external resources. Among others, these programs include neuroscience workshops that help our faculty in understanding the child’s brain functioning and Multiple Intelligence sessions, conducted by Dr. Sanjeev Arora, that train our teachers in applying MI in the regular teaching-learning process and many more.

Our Cambridge facilitators are well trained and regularly attend professional development sessions offered by CAIE. We also provide various tools to our teachers that enhance their existing skills and develop new, innovative approaches.

Parent partnership and communication

We are an all-inclusive institution that seeks to build effective parent-school partnerships. With a comprehensive involvement of both parties, children have a far better chance of not only being successful in class but also in life. We understand that effective and seamless communication between parents and teachers plays an integral role in achieving this. This is met with connecting parents and faculty through My Class Board – a parents portal used to send important reminders, announcements, and circulars. We also organize regular parent-teacher meets and bring parents onboard for various events throughout the academic session.