At SIIS, we envision the holistic development of all our students. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to include practices that bring us closer to our goal every day. We encourage our students to think creatively and be innovative when it comes to problem-solving, reasoning, and communication. With an equal emphasis on scholastic and co-scholastic activities, we help students realize their true potential and work hard towards their future.

Middle School

Middle school is a crucial phase that is responsible for inculcating strong study habits and embracing learning. At SIIS, we have created a curriculum that positively impacts your child’s attitude towards school and learning.The co- scholastic activities provide an opportunity for students to sharpen their communication skills, master self-motivation, inculcate moral values and build decision-making abilities to independently understand what is right and wrong for them from a young age.

Senior School

Our curriculum for the senior secondary years is more academic-oriented to prepare students for the educational journey awaiting them. We have designed our Senior Secondary Education programs according to the needs, interests, and aptitude of our students. We comprehensively analyse their core abilities and prepare them to take the path of their career interest. We at SIIS acknowledge the importance of this stage and how it represents the gateway to students’ successful professional life. Therefore, we provide personal attention, one-to-one interaction, weekly academic performance reviews, and academic support classes that help them to reach their fullest potential.