Early Years

“Nurturing Tiny Sparks, Igniting Boundless Futures: Early Years Brilliance at Our Global Learning Haven.”

A Hands-on, activity-based approach:

The best learning experience that children can have is through practical learning. Young children have more sensorial receptiveness which we nurture through various classroom activities that combine multiple learning styles.

Theme-based assemblies:

At SIIS, we believe in celebrating the process of learning and we do via fun and theme-based assemblies. At these assemblies, students from different classes showcase their talent by expressing what they learned creatively. This activity also enhances their public speaking and communication skills.

Parental  involvement:

Learning doesn’t stop the moment children step out of the school premises. It is an ongoing process that can be aided by the parents. We celebrate multiple events like Grandparents Day, Papa is my Rockstar, My Mother is the Best Chef, etc., all of which strengthen the bond between children and their families.

Conducive Learning Spaces:

Our classrooms are well-equipped with audio-visual technology like projectors to promote interactive learning sessions. We also have dedicated play areas, activity rooms, and a toddler’s swimming pool to enable holistic and experiential learning for the students.

Our dedicated educators, well-versed in child development, create a nurturing space where children feel safe, valued, and inspired to explore. By intertwining academic concepts with playful exploration, we lay a strong foundation that not only prepares them for future academic pursuits but also nurtures essential social, emotional, and cognitive skills crucial for their overall development.

In our early years program, the focus goes beyond traditional education; it’s about sculpting young minds that are eager to embrace challenges, express creativity, and embark on their academic journey with confidence. We firmly believe that this phase sets the stage for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity and a deep-seated passion for learning.