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Cambridge (CENTRE NO - IA106)

Our Cambridge curriculum is designed by following the excellent framework for learning that Cambridge Assessment International Education provides. CAIE offers a solid foundation for students that helps them progress into further education with ease.
With CAIE, the learners start on an exciting educational journey that helps them become more confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged. The curriculum helps in developing high-order thinking skills by giving ample time for exploration and hands-on activities. It focuses on developing the English language, Mathematical and Scientific skills while also training students in Hindi, French, ICT, Global Perspective, PE, and Performing Arts.

Overview of the Cambridge Curriculum

The CAIE framework motivates children to become curious learners, respectful citizens and tolerant humans. At SIIS, we don’t prepare students just for exams, but for life beyond exams by letting them learn and evolve at their preferred pace. Thus, we are constantly brainstorming, collaborating and exchanging ideas to evaluate and update the teaching-learning strategies as recommended by the Cambridge curriculum.
Our teaching-learning methodologies ensure that our young learners develop a zest for life and everything it has to offer. We strive to make our children:

   Global Outlook

The Cambridge Curriculum promotes an international outlook that is focused on creating culturally rooted, global individuals all over the world. Widely recognised by universities and employers around the globe, the Cambridge curriculum prioritises on making learning fun and interesting, in keeping with every child’s learning pace during the most crucial years of their development.

Cambridge Pathway

The Cambridge pathway charts a clear path for educational excellence at every stage of a student’s life:

Stages of Assessment in Cambridge Pathway

In addition to classroom assessments, The CAIE system also includes external assessments to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the children. The children are tested not just on their subject knowledge depth, but also on their higher-order thinking skills and conceptual understanding.

The stages of assessment in the Cambridge pathway are as follows:

Test - This is available from stage 3 onwards
Cambrige Primary checkpoint
Assesses Stage 6 learning objectives in English, Math, and Science.
Cambridge lower secondary checck point
Assesses Stage 9 learning objectives in English, Math and Science.
Cambridge Advanced Qualification (IGCSE)
International General Certificate in Secondary Education assessment is a 2-year programme designed for students
Cambridge Advance Qualification
(AS and A level) – One-year program for grade 11 and grade 12 students.

Primary Level Cambridge Assesment

Benefits of Cambridge Curriculum

The activity and application-based learning methodology followed by the Cambridge curriculum positively impacts the children in more ways than one.